Author: Aberforth Bretton

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    Buying a VVS diamond is a big commitment and you want to make sure that you’re fully aware of all the possibilities and outcomes. Below is a list of the pros and cons of buying a VVS diamond. PRO-

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    If you’re not a professional yet, it might be difficult to decide what you need to eat or drink before and after your workouts. Sometimes you can eat something that you usually eat, but during your

  • What are the Factors that Lead to Hair Loss?

    Hair loss is definitely a natural part of a healthy hair growth cycle. The growth stage tends to last for 3 to 4 years where the resting or shedding stage for 3 to 4 months. This is a typical time

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    Lip fillers have been popular for years but the lip lift has fast become the preferred option for many because of the dramatic results it offers. Full, luscious lips are beautiful and feminine and

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    Whenever Botox is mentioned, many people think about those stretched faces and tight-lipped smiles that their popular celebrities wear. They imagine old celebrities trying to renew or keep their

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    A new year demands new things for the closet. Every season, there is a rush of trends and styles that promise to stay in vogue for at least a while. In this post, we are discussing dresses in

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    The word love can be common for everyone but when saying that between you and your partner, it becomes unique and more personal. Similarly, the rings that you’re going to exchange are the one that

  • 9 Things You Should Know Before You Schedule a Breast Lift

    With so much information available on the internet today, there really is no excuse to not thoroughly research a surgical procedure before you schedule it. There are a number of reasons why a woman

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    Everyone knows that ageing is inevitable but this does not mean we need to live with the unnecessary lines, wrinkles and sagging skin that affect our self-confidence. Cosmetic treatments have made

  • Choosing The Perfect Pearl

    Pearls are highly valued gems, formed by shells. These hard-glistening gemstones are ideally round and smooth and are of high value. Pearls have been used in jewellery since centuries. Benefits of