Best Saree Fabrics To Look For This Summer


Summer is the best time to showcase extravagant colours and wear designer sarees for trendy blouses. There is no one to say stop at that because the sun is smiling at you.

The market is also overfilled with great fabrics, nice patterns and flows. If you are a saree lover, make sure you choose the best-uplifted fabric for the season, otherwise, the style may become uncomfortable for you. Available in various fabrics such as cotton, Bhagalpuri sarees, tant sarees and etc., you need to be very certain about the fabric and for your next shopping, we have a perfect list of best saree fabrics to look for this summer 2018. Check out the best of them:

Cotton Saree

Cotton is one of the most popular types of fabrics that every woman loves to drape during hot and humid seasons. The open pores of cotton fabric are one of the most catching parts and other best reason is the east Indian states are very skilled in producing best cotton printed and art sarees. The saree type looks sophisticated and gives you the privilege to design creative blouses as well. Buy online sarees in cotton and get quarter sleeved or nude sleeved blouses. Get tribal terracotta jewellery to wear this type of sarees.

 Khadi Saree

 Khadi fabric is one of the best and primary productions of India. The khadi saree is a perfect match for lean and slim girls and provide a sophisticated look for events such as a wedding, high cocktail parties, official parties, art exhibition and etc. The yellowish tinge and cool fabric is the best match for the hot summer weather. Though khadi looks great throughout the year, but according to the occasion, you can choose the saree. Avoid too much of patchwork and embellishments as it will steal the sombre look of the saree.

 Tant Saree

Tant is the best providing of West Bengal and Bong people love to wear this cool type of saree throughout the year. Available in chequered, broad borders, booti, Kalki style and many other patterns, tants are quite famous among Bengali women. This starchy fabric looks almost similar to cotton and thus non-Bengali people may find it confusing when they buy online sarees in the tant fabric. Wear terracotta or oxidised jewellery with this type of drapes.

 Bhagalpuri Silk Saree

Bhagalpuri silk is also known as Tussar silk and is produced in Bhagalpur, Bihar in India. The fabric is a dying style among the silk sarees but the trend is now again seeing an upright demand among the mass. Though a silk genre, the Bhagalpuri sarees stay quite light on body, soft on the skin and provide ultimate perspiration to the skin. Wear gold jewellery when going out for a wedding and terracotta jewellery when visiting any artistic or high collar party.

Georgette Saree

Georgette is the most common style and popular among various ages of women. Available in prolific prints, patterns and colours, georgette is the BFF of every woman who loves to enjoy every moment in summer along with summer. Most of the North Indian women can be spotted in this saree fabric due to the extremely hot climate.

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