Bridal Colors of 2018


If you are planning your 2018 wedding, you need to know the latest color trends. Selecting the right color is a big part of coming up with the overall style of your wedding. Here are the hottest bridal colors of 2018:

Green and Dusty Rose

When you opt for this color combo, you can dress it down as you wish. Moreover, it gives you a great alternative to pink because it is not too feminine. When it comes to décor, this color combination gives you many options, which means that you will have endless possibilities.

Blue, Carnation, and Scarlet

Bright royal blue is a wedding color that has been in and out of fashion over the years. If you want to create an approachable and bright color palette, you should mix this blue with pink and sassy red accents. For a bohemian look, you should opt for a handmade look and feel.

Lilac and Lavender

When considering these two colors, you might think that it is too purple, but it is not. Lavender will add a dusty but light quality while lilac brings in freshness. You can even wear a purplish wedding dress and choose matching bridesmaid dresses in different designs as seen here. Doing so will make the entire wedding color coordinated.

Champagne, Custom Pink, Deep Burgundy, and Tan

This is one moody and romantic color palette. When you pair deep burgundy with pinkish and wine tones, you will get an edgy, mysterious, and dark look. However, when you weave in neutral colors like champagne and tan, you will get some airiness to add to an otherwise dark color palette.

This color combination is full of life and color, which it will infuse into your wedding. Whether you host your wedding in a city, country, or desert, this palette will set the tone for a great celebration. If you want to brighten up your décor, you should add a dash of gold to the palette.

Periwinkle, Yellow, Eggplant, Blush, and Mulberry

If you want an elegant wedding, you should include mulberry, purple, and blush tones to create a rich palette. When you add some yellows and periwinkle, you will liven up the palette to create an inviting ambience. You should let purple take center stage then use the other accent hues to add some depth.

From classic to boho, this entire color palette is full of romance. If you want to show off your elegant side, you should consider including some botanical wedding stationery with light airy fonts and bold florals.

Gold, Mauve, White, and Sage Green

Sage green is a classy and chic color that will never stop being a wedding favorite. When you weave white and mauve into this color combo, it becomes a bit feminine and fresh. To add a modern spin to the look, you should include gold.

If you choose this soft color combination, you should let your wedding venue inspire the décor. The palette works best in airy, light venues that have some gold geo accents.

Hunter Green, Orchid, and White

Orchid works well with most colors because it is a romantic yet soft shade of pinkish purple. Hunter green is one of those colors that always complement orchid. Whether you want your wedding to be casual or formal, this palette will work. You can also show off your romantic side with wedding stationery that includes gorgeous script fonts and light florals.

Choosing a wedding color is not as easy as people make it seem. You have to make sure that you pick a color that will look good on the décor, wedding outfits, and flowers.

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