Choosing The Perfect Pearl


Pearls are highly valued gems, formed by shells. These hard-glistening gemstones are ideally round and smooth and are of high value. Pearls have been used in jewellery since centuries.

Benefits of Pearls

In Vedic Astrology, pearls represent the Moon. And the moon is a reflection of the human mind and has an impact on our thinking. If your astrology represents a weak or beneficial moon, you should wear a Pearl.

Pearls are also the birthstone for people born in June and a mystical stone for those born in December.

In mythology, black pearl is associated with wealth and prosperity and wearing them brings luck and abundance. It is also a popular belief that it can protect a work site from accidents and help a business prosper.

Pearls are said to have calming effects on the human mind. Pearls have proven to maintain the stability of our minds. The Akoya pearl can be studded in gold or silver and should be worn on the little finger of the right hand.

Pearls are believed to have medicinal properties in ancient Ayurveda. Drinking pearl water helps to regulate hormones. Headaches and migraines are said to have reduced severity if a pearl is directly worn around the skin. It is also said to assist in decreasing allergies.

Wearing your pearls

Pearls have caught attention since the oldest times. They are simple yet they add value to the attire. Ladies wearing a string of lustrous pearls around their neck look elegant and sophisticated.

Not just the necklaces, over the years, however, we have integrated the pearls in almost all form of accessories. They make a style statement in all forms of occasions.

Pearl Drop earrings and pearl stud earrings are a minimal yet exquisite accessory in any woman’s jewellery box.  These tend to go with any outfit on any occasion. Indian or Western you can pull it off with anything.

Pearl chokers are popular, be it a single large pearl in the centre or strings- of colourful pearls with or without any gems, make gorgeous necklaces. These pearl chokers can be made of the popular black pearl or the spectrum of the similar colour from Tahiti, and give a simple, confident look.

A pearl ring studded in a gold or silver band is worn for keeping oneself calm. They are popularly worn by the majority.  Apart from that, designed pearl rings embedded with gems are also beautiful.

Bracelets made out of pastel coloured pearls can also compliment a look very well.  Pearl bangles in gold or silver enhance its beauty and the wearers.

Imitation pearls have found their way into fashion clothing and accessories.  Trends like dresses and sweatshirts with pearls, pearl headbands, pearl buttons have found their way into the fashion world.

To choose the right pearl you need to keep its properties in mind like lustre, shape colour and size. The highest quality of pearls is known to have a superior luster, as colour, size and shape differ.  Choose the right pearl type for your needs and be careful with imitation pearls.

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