DIY Tips for Creating a Rave Outfit


Most people that are looking to go for a rave party for the first time might be wondering what type of outfit they should be wearing to it. So this quick post will help you figure out exactly how should a great rave party outfit look like.

Outfits for Girls

One of the obvious things about girls’ outfits for rave parties is that they are bright and colorful. The reason for this is that apart from laser lights and strobes, there’s no other source of light in these parties so it can be quite dark.

As far as the head outfit is concerned, hoodies are pretty popular these days. The cool ones often help get a ton of compliments.

Some of the other things you can consider is rave masks, LED sunglasses, light-up hoodies and more.

Coming to tops, the light-reflecting, bright ones are believed to be an ideal choice for rave parties. An important factor to keep in mind when buying or making them is that you would only be visible in them if they are bright enough in the dark.

Of course, girls also wear different types of things on their hands. However, one of the most popular options is LED rave gloves; they are seen quite often at rave parties.

Some of them also come with sound activation, which can obviously be up your alley if you want to go a little wild with your outfit.

Bright bottoms with a metallic feel are usually considered a great choice for all types of music festivals, and rave parties are no exception.

Outfits for Men

First things first, the fashion for men’s outfits at rave parties keeps changing from time to time, so what works now may not work as well in the future.

That said, for the head, rave masks that have a unique feel to them can help you look different and stand out from the crowd. You can further enhance that look with a pair or cool-looking rave sunglasses.

As for the tops, the arc-reactor shirts can look supercool if you can choose the right one based on your looks. Another very popular option is tank tops.

Whatever you get, you may want to make sure it has a unique image or pattern, and not the usual designs.

Just like women, LED gloves work just as well for men as well at rave parties. It allows them to create amazing light shows which seems to add some extra fun to the environment.

For the legs, a not-so-popular but unique approach is to go with out-of-the-ordinary, glowing and funky-looking pants and avoiding the usual boring jeans.

This is believed to be an easy way to get in the groove.

Finally, for the feet, the options are pretty much the same for both men and women. The leg warmers that come in bright neon colors usually turn out to be a great choice, although the Plasma LED rave shoes aren’t a bad option at all either.

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