Get Fabulous Results with This Breast Augmentation Checklist


The decision to get breast augmentation is such an exciting one but it is still surgery, which means preparation is important.

If you’ve already been doing your research, you will more than likely have come across a few breast augmentation horror stories. This shouldn’t concern you though because if you go about planning your surgery the right way, you will be more than happy with your experience and your results.

Planning Your Breast Augmentation: A 10-Point Checklist

There are many different factors to consider when planning your breast augmentation but this checklist will ensure that you’re covering all your bases.

  1. Thoroughly research potential surgeons. Randomly choosing a surgeon or making a decision based on price alone is a recipe for disaster. There is no reason why you can’t thoroughly research potential surgeons when you have social media and search engines such as Google. Look into your surgeon’s qualifications, experience as well as patient reviews. Look into at least 2 – 3 surgeons before you schedule a consultation.
  2. Look at before and after pictures.Before you decide whether a surgeon is the right fit for you, delve into their before and after gallery so that you can decide whether they are capable of achieving the results you have in mind. A reputable surgeon will always be able to show you before and after images.
  3. Book your consultation. Once you’ve decided on a surgeon, schedule your consultation. The average consultation will last 1 – 2 hours and your surgeon should be the one who meets with you, no one else. If you’re told that it’s not necessary to speak to the surgeon during your consultation, start looking elsewhere.
  4. Review all of your implant choices. Your surgeon should take you through all of your implant choices before you make a decision. Not only should you review both saline and silicone implants but the various profiles, shapes, sizes and textures too.
  5. Decide on an incision technique. Next, your surgeon will take you through the pros and cons of the different incision placements and techniques so that you can make an informed decision. If you are only offered one incision location, this might not be the right surgeon for you. You can find out more about incision options here:
  6. Try your implants out. As much as it’s important for you to touch and feel your implant choices, you should also try them out before you decide. Reputable clinics will provide you with a crop-top that you can use to decide whether a particular implant size and shape is right for you.
  7. Ask about the anaesthetist. An anaesthetist should be present throughout your surgery. Not only do they need to ensure that you’re sedated throughout the procedure but they will know exactly what to do should something go wrong with the anaesthetic.
  8. Choose your anaesthesia. There are two types of anaesthesia options available to you. Twilight sedation is much lighter and you will be able to respond to the surgeon during your procedure. General anaesthesia will render you unconscious throughout your surgery.
  9. Take a cooling off period. Now that you’ve done all the work and reviewed all of your options, give yourself some time to think about your reasons for wanting breast augmentation and if it’s something you really want to do before you schedule your procedure.
  10. Schedule your health checks. To make sure that you’re healthy enough for surgery and can handle the anaesthetic, a doctor will need to run some blood tests.

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