Get ready for a party in under 15 minutes


Open your shopping app, get, set, SHOP! Buy yourself a pretty new party wear dress and follow our guide to quick dressing on the big day.

There’s a party coming up and you don’t have much time to prepare for it. Your busy schedule might leave you only a bit of time over the weekends to hit the malls and shop for new clothes. The quickest way to get yourself party-ready is to open your preferred online shopping app and look at its selection of party wear dresses. You can find the newest designs and colours in party wear dresses, so choose a fabric and fit that you are most comfortable with (bear in mind factors like the weather, if it’s an all-night celebration, and your body type).

Do try on the party wear dress when it is delivered to you. If there is the slightest concern about fitting, you can have it exchanged for another dress before the party comes around.

On the night of the party…

It can get quite frazzling to dress up for the party, especially if you reached home late from work and have only a limited amount of time at your disposal. At the same time, you want to look your best at the party – fresh and full of oomph, instead of tired and flustered. So read on to know how to get ready for the party in 15 minutes flat.

* Lay out your dress and everything else within reaching distance. A lot of time is lost looking for things that you are about to wear. While you run your bathwater, lay out your party wear dress, and keep your makeup and hair accessories on the bed or where you can easily find them. Lay them out quickly in the order that you will use them. Getting organised will help save precious minutes later.

* Give one last check to your shoes. We hope you’ve bought new shoes, and taken off any price tags or stickers. If you’re going with shoes that you already had in your closet, then give them a quick wipe down with a clean tissue paper. Remove the slightest vestige of dust or mud. Now head to your shower.

* Wear your makeup and do your hair. Once you are fresh and showered, sit down in your robe and start doing your hair and makeup. Be thorough but quick, but it’s fine to do a smokey eye if you are deft with the makeup and techniques required. Or else a line of kohl, a dash of lip stick, some highlighter on your cheekbones, and an eyebrow pencil are all that are needed. Now do up your hair and hold it in place with several blasts of hair spray.

Spray on some perfume. You’re wearing the party dress, and the makeup and the shoes. Now spray some perfume on your throat and wrists, dab on some anti perspirant on your underarms, and head out the door wearing your gorgeous smile.

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