The Different Types of Tooth Pain


When you suffer from toothache, then, you might experience some excruciating pain. More so than anything else you may have endured. Toothache can actually be more uncomfortable than a break or a fracture of a bone, but there are different types of toothache and it helps to know what they are;

Sharp stabbing pain

When you have sharp ‘stabbing’ like pain it is usually because a tooth has been chipped or cracked, the worst-case scenario is that you’ve gotten a cavity which makes the nerve ending more sensitive.

Throbbing tooth pain

If you have a throbbing or pulsating kind of pain it could be quite serious and potentially be the early warning signs of gum disease that may well be causing the nerves to be completely exposed.

Sensitive teeth

Various things could be causing you to have increased sensitivity all the way your diet to how often you clean your teeth and, what you use to clean them. A local dentist in Walsall even suggested that some toothpastes can actually cause inflammation as well as sensitivity.


Extreme, unbearable pain

This can be a cause of numerous issues, keep in mind that no two people are the same, so, what one person deems to be unbearable pain may just be mediocre to somebody else. Having said that, people who suffer with pain they cannot stand may well have developed an abscess which will need professional treatment

Get help

If you suffer with any of the above for more than a day or so, then you absolutely should get some help, call your local dentist and get things checked out.

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