What are the Factors that Lead to Hair Loss?


Hair loss is definitely a natural part of a healthy hair growth cycle. The growth stage tends to last for 3 to 4 years where the resting or shedding stage for 3 to 4 months. This is a typical time period to get a healthy head of hair. But, there is a point in our lives where hair loss impact us significantly. No matter what cause, you cannot avoid hair loss. We have listed a few factors that make it inevitable so as to make you understand the signs and take proper measures like laser hair growth before you lose too much hair. Thank us later.

  1. Age

As we age, the body changes. And it includes hair changes as well. Hair becomes light and thin and then it breaks off. When you age, the hormonal changes cause our body to process nutrients differently. These changes cause the estrogen level to decline, hence resulting in hair loss. Many nutrients like Vitamin c and iron is needed for hair growth. When you age, these levels decline as well. Hence, include these very nutrients like magnesium, B vitamins, selenium, niacin, and zinc in your diet to combat hair loss.

  1. Genetics

Studies claim that 80 percent of balding is caused from genetics. This passes from mother’s side which is denoted by the X chromosome. Researchers found a single gene called androgen receptor gene that is particularly associated with balding. But, you cannot blame your mother for this. People go bald from their paternal side as well. Not much research has been carried out on actual DNA that causes it.

  1. Stress

Stress can cause major complications to your hair growth and nourishment. When you are in immense stress, your body secretes cortisol and produces one hormone instead of secreting multiple hormones that promote healthy hair that leads to hair loss. Stress tends to disrupt the secretion of hormone which is why it ceases to grow. When the levels are disrupted, it causes too many follicles to rest. The production of new follicles is unable to keep up with the loss of the old follicles, hence more hair sheds instead of growing. Luckily, this is not permanent. And mostly, this condition goes away when your hormonal levels are balanced again.

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