What You Can Expect from a FUE Transplant


People lose their hair for one of various reasons. Men who are balding often feel self-conscious about the prospect and the change in their appearances. That is why it is important to investigate the advantages of hair transplant surgery.

One of the innovative procedures that is used for transplanting hair follicles goes by the acronym of FUE. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. This type of transplant method involves the removal of hair follicles before grafting them onto a balding area. Therefore, FUE entails removing hair follicles that are healthy and grafting them one by one into the transplant site.

More Natural-Looking Results

By taking this approach, hair transplant specialists can provide more natural-looking results that often please both the patient and his spouse. Using the FUE procedure is also less uncomfortable and the downtime is minimal. The time it takes for a site to heal depends on the skin type. Although the grafts settle in a couple days’ time, the accompanying redness remains about four or five days. Usually, patients are advised not to engage in any sports during this period.

Why the FUE Method Is Better

Unlike strip-type hair transplants, which remove whole chunks of skin and graft the hair in balding areas, FUE takes individual follicles from the back and sides of the patient’s head and implants each hair separately into the transplant site.

Permanent Results

The transplanted follicles are immune to DHT, otherwise known as dihydrotestosterone. That is because the hairs are taken from a permanent site not affected by DHT. This area is found primarily on the back of a patient’s scalp. Therefore, the new hair will remain permanently in the scalp once it has been embedded.

When a patient undergoes a FUE hair transplant, the procedure on average takes about eight hours overall. Most patients who undergo the FUE procedure tend to describe it as uncomfortable rather than painful. However, because the hairs are transplanted one by one, you do have to have a high threshold when it comes to boredom.

The Main Advantages

Nevertheless, that level of boredom is certainly offset by the benefits of FUE. By choosing this hair transplant procedure, the patient realises the following advantages:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive and can be performed using a local anaesthetic.
  • Highly experienced hair transplant doctors carry out the procedures.
  • The finest instruments are used, which minimises any trauma to the scalp.
  • No stitches are needed after the procedure and recovery time is reduced.
  • Advanced methods and techniques mean that the results are undetectable.
  • Only the healthiest and strongest hairs are used.
  • The hair is implanted in the direction of hair growth, thereby providing a more natural look. The hair that is implanted will appear denser as well.
  • The FUE procedure is done with patient satisfaction and safety in mind.

When the procedure is performed, a very small circular needle is used. This needle, which is called a punch, removes the follicular units in a scattered array from the donor site. In turn, a large number of minuscule dot-like scars are formed.

Undetectable Scars

This development is in contrast to the large line scar often seen after a strip removal. Therefore, FUE patients can wear their hair shorter at the donor site. The only way that anyone can see the dots is if you shave your head. Naturally, the idea of a hair transplant is to avoid shaving the head. Therefore, no one will see the dots after the surgery.

As noted, patients do not experience post-operative pain after a FUE procedure. By opting for this method, the patient does not experience linear scarring and his recovery is less painful and quicker. Also, hair follicles can be placed into existing line scars made from a former strip transplant procedure.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

To prepare for the FUE transplant, you will need to obtain a good night’s sleep before undergoing the operation. Because the process takes some time, make sure that you wear comfortable apparel and footwear.

Patients should not drink any caffeinated beverages before the procedure as well. Also, alcohol should not be consumed about four days before the FUE transplant. During the same period, the patient should also avoid taking aspirin and certain supplements such as vitamin B and E.

Why You Should Get a FUE Transplant in Turkey

If you have this hair transplant performed in Turkey, you can receive the benefits of the implant at a much reduced cost. Treatment packages include the consultation, operation, and after-care. The only cost the patient assumes is the amount he pays for the flight. However, he can even get a good deal on the flight price as hair clinics in Turkey can provide information on affordable flights.

In addition, patients, who opt for a FUE procedure in Turkey normally receive a two-night accommodation at a four-star property. Breakfasts are included in the price. The cost also includes transfer from the airport to the location of the clinic. Transportation from the patient’s hotel to the clinic is also included in the price. The price for after-care includes post-operative medications, lotions, and shampoos.

A Well-Known Location for FUE Transplants

Turkey is well known for specialising in FUE transplants. Therefore, if you choose this cost-effective option, you can receive a full head of hair for a reasonable cost. State-of-the-art transplant facilities are provided that are fully equipped and certified as well. Therefore, you can enjoy a nice four-star accommodation and luxury amenities whilst you receive the best in hair transplant services.

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