Flowers for new babies


The birth of a baby is a significant event for the whole family, so choosing a gift is a responsible task. The first meeting with the newborn and his / her mother should be remembered as a bright event. How to delight your wife, sister, friend who’s brought a new life into the world? Flowers are the best option for such a case. But not everyone knows which flowers will be the most enjoyable for a New Mum. In this case, you can use advices of florists.

It is incredibly convenient for the today’s super busy world to have an option of new baby flower delivery. Experts will not only advise you what the new baby flowers to order – but also deliver them.

How to choose flowers for a new baby and new mother?

What to order? Bouquet? Flower basket? A box with macaroons?

When choosing a flower congratulation, think about the tastes of a baby’s mother first. Do you realize that the newborn baby has no preferences for bouquets and flower baskets? First days and months of his life, the main priorities for a baby are good food and sleep. Also very important is the mother’s happiness. Baby is connected with the mother in virtual way, at least for the first three years. If Mom is sad, the baby cries. If Mom is happy – the baby is pleased. Mom is relaxed and does not worry – the baby is fast asleep and also doesn’t worry about anything.

The number of beautiful colors in your bouquet can differ, as well as the names of flowers. You can please a young mother with one red rose, or a hundred and one multicolor flowers. The elements in the composition must fit or complement each other, shape up nice.

Creamy peach roses and lavender are the excellent and original solution for a wise experienced mother. Or lavender roses are just the amazing option.

Selected hydrangeas in pastels or light-pink roses with fresh alstromeria will be the perfect choice if the new Mom is young by passport, not just by self-feeling.

Baby Girl Flowers

‘Look! It is a girl! Little princess of the world!’

Traditionally, flower congratulations to a newborn girl and her parents are performed in pink. To be more original – we advise you to choose slightly different shades. Gently lilac, or milky pink, almost white. The combination of yellow and pink colors looks very refreshing. In most countries of the world, yellow symbolizes friendliness, joy, and a kind attitude towards a person. This is the color of sun, spring warmth and happiness.

Add a skirted teddy bear to the bouquet – and it will definitely be the brightest baby girl gift.

Really, the birth of a new baby is a huge shiny holiday for the family. The delight into which you can lead the young mother with your congratulations will certainly have a positive effect on her baby’s mood.

Baby Boy Flowers

If you are not eager to guess the flower preferences of new Mom, here are some examples of bouquets especially for a baby-boy’s birthday to be sent.

It can be the selected white rose and premium hydrangea – they arrive perfectly arranged with Italian greenery.

Also, carnations are incredibly rich in their flowers’ language sense. They symbolize tenderness, love, courage and military honor. White, blue, yellow, lilac – or their combinations in a bouquet – are perfect for congratulations on a baby-boy birth. Or a box with blue roses and macaroons looks very stylish!

Overall, there are many impressive options for a new-baby flower congratulations. Let it be your bouquet that will give the most positive emotions to a new mother!

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