Socialize While Social Distancing! 7 Ways to Hang With Friends Remotely During Quarantine


Want to connect with friends while still under quarantine? Then check out this guide on how to hang with friends remotely during social distancing.

A lot has changed due to the spread of COVID-19. One major shake up in our lives is that we can’t go out and hang with friends like we used to.

We’re safer staying home during this pandemic. Limiting exposure to the virus is how we keep ourselves, our loved ones, and others safe.

We can consider ourselves lucky if the worst things that happen to us is boredom from being stuck inside. Just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t mean you have to be a complete hermit, though.

Want ideas on how to hang out with friends while social distancing? We’ve got seven fun ideas you’ll want to try tonight!

The Importance of Socializing

Keeping up with friends fun and plays a big role in your health, too. There are a myriad of benefits, both mental and physical, that comes from seeing your pals.

Although times are tough right now, it’s more important than ever to stay in touch. Reach out to others even if you’re not feeling like it at the moment and you might start to feel better.

It’s OK if you don’t feel like doing a video chat or playing an online game right away. Respect your feelings, but don’t go too long without socializing with your friends.

  1. The Art of Writing

Writing — remember that? Feels like a habit from Ye Olden Days but this throwback activity might be the best way to socialize right now.

Treat yourself to some beautiful stationery and colored pens. You can even get crafty and glue cut out pics onto some card stock.

Write your friends a letter letting them know you’re thinking about them. The act of writing is a soothing, calming activity and is a nice surprise for whoever receives your letter.

  1. At Home Craft Kits

One way to keep busy during quarantine is by crafting. Don’t do that paint-by-numbers kit alone, get your friends involved.

Tell your squad to buy the same craft kit. Something you can do within a few hours at most is your best bet.

Schedule a day on the calendar to work on it together in a group video chat. Show off your handiwork at the end of the crafting session.

  1. Workouts with Friends

Missing not just your gym but your gym buddy? They might not be there in person to spot you, but you can still work out together.

Tons of workout classes have moved online. Not only that but there are lots of video challenges you can pick up any time on YouTube.

Keep the bad effects of stress snacking at bay by setting up an online sweat session with your friends. Doing a video call while counting push-ups will keep you on track when your arms feel like they’re going to give out.

  1. Movie Night

Whether you met your friend at the theater or they came over on Saturday to watch a trashy romcom, movies are better with buddies. Luckily, technology has made it easier than ever to move the watch party online.

You can do it the low-tech way and start a movie and video chat at the same time. Extensions like Netflix Party also allow you and the crew to watch and chat at the same time.

There are many other options for you and your friends. Click on to find five ways to make movie night happen with your buddies!

  1. Get Competitive

Want to introduce a competitive edge to your online friend hangout? There are plenty of options even if you can’t get together in real life.

Online games for all levels can bring out the fighter in your friends. There are games for every skill set, from trivia to role playing, from card games to multiplayer video games.

Get creative and host a “theme” competition. Winners can be whoever makes the best high fashion outfit from pillowcases or the best looking meal out of four random pantry items.

You can even host a PowerPoint presentation night. Each friend has to give a timed presentation on whatever they want to the group.

  1. Dining In

Missing your Sunday morning brunch with your besties? You can still eat with your friends all from the comfort of your own home.

Set up a dinner (or brunch, or lunch) date with your pals. Treat yourself with a nice meal and pretty place setting to make it special.

You can do a one-on-one video chat with your friends or do an online group hang. Whichever works best.

If you live alone, this takes the edge off of another lonely meal for one. Even if you live with other people, it’s a good way to chat with someone else.

Bonus idea: mix it up and order food for the other person. Surprise each other with a favorite pizza or an unexpected order of pad Thai from the place you usually go to.

  1. Start a Book Club

Reading is a great quarantine activity. You’ll get to catch up on the growing stash of books and discover some new stories, too.

Add a bit of structure and socialization by starting or joining an online book club. It’s great to hear other’s ideas and you might read things you never thought of trying before.

Don’t exactly feel like doing another face-to-face session? You can get together on video chats but if you want to keep it low-key, start a text chat.

If you join a book club already in progress, you can bring your friends along with you. You might even end up meeting new friends, too.

Hang with Friends During Quaratine

Just because you can’t hang with friends in the same way doesn’t mean the fun times have come to an end. You’ve got seven great ideas to get the good times going tonight.

Try one or try them all. We guarantee you’ll have tons of fun and maybe even discover some new things you love doing, too.

It’s OK to have a lot of emotions during this time. Socializing with friends online isn’t the same as before, but it will help you feel better inside and out.

Are you working from home, hanging out online with friends, or finally starting that online project you always wanted to? We’ve got lots of tips and tricks in our internet tab to help you out!

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