9 Things You Should Know Before You Schedule a Breast Lift


With so much information available on the internet today, there really is no excuse to not thoroughly research a surgical procedure before you schedule it.

There are a number of reasons why a woman might decide to receive a breast lift, with weight fluctuations and past pregnancies being the two most common. Breast lift surgery can be life-changing but a successful procedure starts with having the right information.

Smith Plastic Surgery Las Vegas professionals are not just the doctors who perform surgeries. They are also experts in aesthetics and can help their patients feel comfortable with the changes they have made.

Key Things You Need to Know Before Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lifts and augmentation is not the same thing. Breast enlargement surgery is designed to add more volume to the breast, while a breast lift repositions the breasts higher on the chest. Many patients actually combine breast lift surgery with augmentation.

Your breasts will look bigger after surgery. If you notice that your breasts look slightly larger after your breast surgery at Waverley House Clinic, know that this is completely normal. Your breasts will appear slightly larger for a few weeks because of swelling.

You won’t need drains. Most of today’s plastic surgeons don’t use drains anymore. Besides that, drains are not necessary after a breast lift anyway.

Nothing’s going to happen to your nipples. Even though your nipples will be elevated with the rest of your breast tissue, they will still be connected to an artery, which means you will still have sensation following your surgery.

A post-surgical bra will help with swelling. Following your surgery, you will be given a post-surgical bra to wear. The garment is generally quite comfortable and will keep any swelling to a minimum. If you would prefer to purchase your own bra, find one that offers enough support but not too much compression. You will need to spend at least 6 weeks in this bra.

Breast lifts are not more painful than other types of breast surgeries. A breast lift on its own is not overly painful and any discomfort can easily be managed with ibuprofen. However, if you will be combining the procedure with augmentation, you may experience additional discomfort.  The placement of your implants will determine how painful your recovery will be.

You will still be able to lift your arms. Contrary to popular belief, you can still lift your arms after your breast lift. Not moving your shoulders will only lead to additional pain when they freeze in that position. Obviously, don’t do anything too strenuous but please do move.

You will be up and walking around the next day. You will not be out of action for a week, in fact, most patients are already walking around a few hours after their breast lift. Walking around will increase blood flow, which promotes healing so it’s highly recommended.

Be cautious about the vitamins and supplements that you take after surgery. There are certain types of supplements and medications that should be avoided after surgery – your surgeon will provide you with a list of recommendations. In terms of alcohol, it should be avoided for the first few days after your surgery, particularly if you’re taking strong pain medication.

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