How does Dental Implant work with Natural Teeth?


Modern dentistry offers so many ways to replace a missing tooth. At the forefront of all the options available, are the dental implants Sydney. But what makes them so unique? You might have heard that implants are natural looking and sturdy that it can last for a lifetime. However, all these benefits stem from a universal fact – dental implants are biocompatible. Hence the implants can bond tightly with your existing oral structures becoming a functional part of your body.

 How are dental implants placed alongside natural teeth?

Out of the many, the major selling point of dental implants is that they can be fitted around your existing natural teeth, which means none of your teeth has to be removed or altered to get an implant.

With dental implants cost Sydney being the most affordable option, a Titanium post or an artificial rod is placed into the jawbone to secure the artificial crown. This means that they are not fixed to your existing teeth like bridges. This makes implants a more hygienic option!

The added beauty of an implant is that it looks and functions like a normal tooth. Besides, it also helps to protect your natural teeth by structurally supporting them, taking on some of the chewing efforts which mean your natural teeth are no longer overwork.

Will dental implants influence the structure of my natural teeth?

Not at all! One or many dental implants can be made to fit around your existing natural teeth which mean you can retain all of them. Implants will just fill in the gaps left by your lost teeth to give a functioning and natural looking artificial tooth.

How dental implant colour-match my natural teeth?                

We understand your concern about getting natural looking teeth replacements.  The colour, position, and shape play a part in ensuring the artificial tooth or implant blend seamlessly into your smile.

For this, your dentist will compare shade guides with pictures of your teeth to make sure he selects the most natural tint. He will also consider placement of the tooth and how will it blend with the angles of your existing teeth. Thus you will get the most natural blend between natural teeth and the affordable dental implants cost Sydney.

How to care for my implant?

Your dentist will provide all the information you should follow effectively to care for your dental implants during the healing phase.

The good news is, dental implants after they are healed completely, can be cared for in the same way as you would for your natural teeth. Requiring no extra care, it cuts out any extra hassle from your life making your days easy. He will also schedule follow up appointments to ensure your implant heals the right way it should.

In case if he finds some problem with healing, he will suggest some additional treatments or cleaning the site. This is quite rare, and affordable cost of dental implants Sydney have a 95% success rate so you can just relax wait for your implant to heal and enjoy your life with implants that look so real.

Dental implants can make a real difference in your life by increasing your self-esteem in your laugh and smile and also improve your ability to speak and eat your favourite foods properly again.

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