The BB in a BB cream is short for beauty balm or blemish balm. It’s not just a tinted cream; it is packed with the power of three more beauty products such as a moisturizer, primer, and foundation, all integrated into one package. This product is a ‘dream come true’ for those who search for alternatives to the thick and heavy traditional foundations. A BB cream is more lightweight than a regular cream foundation but it still functions like a usual foundation by providing medium to full coverage.

The Spawake BB Cream keeps your skin covered on multiple fronts, which helps to lower the number of steps in your daily makeup routine. It works as a primer by evening out your skin tone so as to create a perfect makeup application. Moreover, the cream consists of moisturizing properties as well as SPF.

Some of you must have a fair share of doubts related to BB creams. Here is a beginner’s guide about BB creams that will help resolve some common doubts about them:

Why Use a BB Cream?

One can use a BB cream to follow a proper morning and night skin care regimen to keep their complexion glowing and healthy. One thing that you must take into account is that your skin absorbs anything it touches, be it pollution, sunlight, makeup and the type of skin care you currently follow. Hence, if you use a BB cream, you not only get a soothing coverage but also do not expose your skin to the chemicals found in different cosmetics. So, a BB cream helps you to take care of your skin especially when you apply makeup without exposing it to any harmful toxins that cause skin irritation.

When you use a BB cream, you can wear it all day long. This is because the cream offers effective moisturization and a much smoother skin allowing for a more comfortable wear. It works perfectly to ensure a ‘natural makeup look’ which a lot of women desire, especially in their daily routine.

Owing to the fact that BB creams contain the combined features of different skincare products, these creams make for an ideal travel companion.

How to Use a BB Cream?

Since a BB cream serves different purposes, it can be an all-in-one product for one person, and the first product to use at the time of makeup application. In case you have a blemish-free skin or normal skin, a pea-size amount or maybe just a little more can be sufficient. On the other hand, if you are looking for a great amount of coverage, then you can use the BB cream as a primer and then start with the makeup application. Plus, with its application, you can conceal scars, acne, dark spots and pimples.

The Spawake BB Cream range, for instance, helps in refreshing and revitalizing your skin for a fresh skin glow. Once you use a BB cream, you will instantly get an even-tone skin.

When you buy the BB cream, all you need to do is blend a layer of the BB cream onto your facial skin and get a minimalistic makeup look in just a few seconds.

How is BB Cream Different from CC cream and DD Cream?

BB creams provide the skin with healthy nutrients for a clearer skin. On the other hand, a CC cream where CC is short for ‘complexion correcting’ or ‘colour correcting’ is used to cover redness of the skin. Plus, it helps in perfecting the skin tone with the help of light-diffusing particles. Lastly, the DD cream, where DD is short for ‘daily defence’, contains ingredients that offer skin protection. However, it is important to note that the coverage that a DD cream provides is not the same as that of a BB cream.

A BB cream helps to re-hydrate flaky and dry skin because its formula is a tad more hydrating than that of a CC cream. These creams mask skin related imperfections, and their coverage is similar to that offered by a sheer foundation. Moreover, these creams serve as a substitute to the heavy makeup many want to give a skip, especially in the summers. On the other hand, CC creams are more drying and matte which helps in correcting colour flaws.

BB creams are truly beneficial in providing a flake-free look and proper skin care. In fact, such is their versatility, that you can use these creams on every occasion. That’s because these creams focus more on maintenance and prevention, and serve as a perfect cream for a natural looking skin.