Choosing Eyeglass Frames for Adults and Children


Choosing eyeglass frames is a struggle that many of us who wear glasses are familiar with. You are looking for a pair of new eyeglass frames and you try on pair after pair and can’t seem to find something that you really like. When selecting the frame for your eyeglasses, there are several things to take into consideration that will make you happier with any selection that you have to make. In addition, if you are choosing a pair for your child, there are advantages and disadvantages with some pairs that are in the marketplace.

Choosing adult eyeglass frames

Typically when you are choosing a pair of frames, you know that you will have to wear these frames for at least another year or two and want something that you feel enhances your face, and you can look at every day and be pleased with your selection. Everyone’s face is different, and you want frames that will compliment your advantages and lessen your disadvantages. One way to make certain that you do this is to select eyeglass frames that fit the shape of your face.

The different face shapes that you can have are square, oval, oblong, round, heart, diamond and triangle. There are some frames that work better for square faces and make oblong faces look worse. Knowing your face shape can keep you in the correct category to enhance your benefits. You want a pair of eyeglass frames that add to your face each time you put them on.

Choosing eyeglass frames for children

Children may have a hard time choosing their eyeglass frames. As a parent, discuss with them the importance of wearing their eyeglasses as prescribed and that eyeglasses are not something that you will change every day. Make certain they select a frame they can wear as often as prescribed and they are happy with their selection. Children change and grow unlike adults. Therefore, an eyeglass frame they wore several years ago may not look as complimentary on their face as it once did. Although the eyeglass frame may not be worn or broken, it may be time for a new frame because of the changes that can occur with a child’s face in as little as a year or two.

Children can be careless with their glasses leaving them in places that are considered unsafe for glasses and not taking precious care of this delicate piece of equipment. If you don’t want to replace them more often than necessary, you may want to get eyeglasses that have something more than the typical pair of eyeglasses. Children’s glasses can come with temple selections that can wrap around the head or those that fix over the head with a curve fitting around the back of the ear. You can also have lenses formed from polycarbonate that is thinner, lighter and tougher than the typical plastic lenses.

Choosing frames needs more than a couple of minutes of your time. As an adult, select something that compliments your particular face shape. Big brands like Ray Ban sunglasses have a huge variety of different types and styles, so browse online or instore for a really wide choice. Children may need glasses that can handle the rough and tumble of life of child’s play. Whatever you choose, make certain you can live with them day in and out for the next year or two.

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