How to Remove Acrylic Nails At Home Safely


Getting acrylic nails seems like an amazing idea when you are not very happy with your natural nails. However, getting them off when you are done with them is a whole another episode. Taking off acrylic nails comes with the fear of scratching off and causing damage to the real nails, which no one would ever want to do. This is why; as you plan to get your acrylic nails off, you have to first educate yourself as to how to properly do it without risking your real nails. Here’s how to remove your acrylic nails without hurting your real nails.

Start with your filer

There’s no denying filer seems like a dangerous tool when it comes to scratching off the layer of acrylic nails. But, there is a set way to go about it that would ensure you don’t end up damaging your real nails. You can start off by moving your filer such that it thins out the layer of acrylic nail over your real nail. However, for this, make sure you use a very good filer that is coarse enough to file the acrylic layer. It is also important for you to realize that you need to be patient. Work with the filer patiently so that you neither scratch off your real nail nor do you hurt the skin around.

Soak your fingers in acetone

When you use a filer to get rid of the acrylic layer on your nails, there would still be a fraction of the layer remaining. In order to remove the remaining amount of acrylic nails, you have to use acetone solution. You can buy acetone from a cosmetic store or even online stores. It is recommended that you use a 100 percent acetone solution so that the job is done perfectly.

You have to soak your fingers in acetone solution for as long as it takes to get the acrylic layer off. You can do so in two ways. One is you soak your fingers in a bowl of acetone solution. While this is an easier way, it might be a bad idea for your skin. The other way is to stick cotton soaked in acetone solution over your nails and wrapping it with foil. This would not risk your skin.

Do the touch up

Touch up here means giving way to your completely natural nails by removing any remaining acrylic element. For this, you can use a cuticle pusher, since it would act on smaller areas where there are traces of acrylic. In fact, after soaking your nails, you don’t have to put a lot of efforts to get rid of whatever is remaining. You can also use a foam buffer to do the job if it works.

While these are the things you can do, you still have an option of going to a professional at a salon and getting the work done. However, it is better to try at least once to remove the acrylic layer by yourself. In case you do well, you can save that extra buck you spend getting the layer off your nails. Next time you go to a salon, you can even try shellac nails. Please visit for more details.

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