Top 4 Different Hair Extensions Methods


If your after thicker or longer hair, premium quality hair extensions are the way to go! However, there are so many types of hair extensions methods, choosing the right one for your lifestyle and budget can be a challenging task. Below, are four different kinds of extensions to consider.

Clip-In Hair Extensions: Great for an Evening

If you want to play around with hair extensions or even sport some cool looking bangs without making the full commitment, EH Hair & Extensions are the perfect solution. You can purchase clip-ins online and have your stylist colour and trim them to match your natural hair.

Clip-ins are worn by day and taken out at night. Installing them correctly at the roots under the rest of your natural hair can take practice. The wefts come in tiny sections, either in long sections or as bangs. There are tutorials online that can help you place them correctly. It can take some practice, but they can be hidden even if you have thin hair. The best part about these extensions is that they won’t damage your hair.

Glue-in Extensions: For a Special Occasions

For individuals who want a bolder look but without the long-term commitment attached to it then, glue-in extensions are usually the best option. Glue-ins are hairpieces that are secured to the hair with glue and taken out with an oil-based solvent. Glue-in extensions tend to stay in place much better than clip-ins do and they last for a few days.

Bonded Hair Extensions: The Most Popular Version

Bonded hair extensions tend to be the most expensive extension option because they have the potential to last around five to six months. You can choose between hot fusion or cold fusion technology for your extensions. When using hot fusion, the stylist will use a thin ironing rod to bond an extension to a weft of hair. Cold fusion technology uses keratin polymers and ultrasound waves to connect the weave to the hair. This is not a damaging method and works especially well for individuals with fine or damaged hair.

The application itself can take a few hours, and you’ll have to re-apply them at least four times a year; you may also need to have your extensions repositioned due to the fact that your natural hair will continue to grow. Bonded hair extensions are the most expensive extension method.

Tape-In Extensions: Great for Fine or Blonde Hair

When having tape-in extensions installed, the stylist tapes a weft of hair to the roots of your natural hair. To keep hair from matting, its imperative that you sleep in a loose ponytail or braid. These extensions are excellent for blonde or fine hair because the tape is practically invisible. They do tend to matte but can last for two to three months. You will need to be thorough and consistent about brushing your hair and do it at least few times each day.

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