Aging could be scary for some. Getting older means a deprived body functions, looser skin and a general weakening of body functions. Luckily, modern technology has brought us a solution, the NAD+ treatment. By increasing the level of NAD+ in body cells artificially, the NAD+ Treatment can help turn you back in time. Click to learn more about it.

How it works

NAD+ exists naturally in all body cells and it is essential to a great number of cell functions, including the repair of the DNA. Yet, the human body will lose 50% of such important substances as it ages, hindering the body to repair damaged cells and perform other cell functions. Through NAD+ Treatment, NAD+ would be directly injected into your bloodstream, so that the supplements can be immediately distributed to various body cells to improve cell functions.

How is NAD+ therapy better than oral supplements?

There are a number of oral supplements available on the market to boost NAD+, however NAD+ therapy would be a better option for you. Unlike oral supplements, NAD therapy does not require digestion and a long route for the NAD+ to enter your body cells. One should note that these oral supplements would often be only partially absorbed since it has to pass through the digestive system and the circulatory system before it arrives body cells. Therefore, compared with oral supplements, NAD+ treatment is far more effective.

Health benefits of the NAD+ Treatment

As cell functions are revitalized by the boost of NAD+, a series of health benefits come along, including improved muscle, cognitive and liver function, reduced insulin resistance, risk of cancer, risk of hearing loss, improved sleep quality, increased life span and more. Besides, NAD+ can activate different kinds of enzymes, especially those involved in the chemical process that converts food to energy. Hence, it can help to alleviate some of the aging symptoms, including the loss of skin elasticity, hypertension, abdominal obesity, chronic fatigue, sleeping problems, loss of muscle mass and hearing loss. NAD+ can not only improve an overall health, it can also help the aging-related appearance problems like wrinkles, fine lines and environment-related skin damage.

Why Advanced Cryo NYC NAD+ Treatment?

When it comes to anti-aging treatment, reputation and equipment would be two major considerations. As a reputable clinic, many well-known celebrities visit NYC for their regular beauty regime, including Rihanna, Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton. This speaks a lot about the quality of NYC. Moreover, we have here a team of professional medical practitioners that ensure all our equipment are safe and secure to use. We would want nothing more than to see our clients feel young, energized and safe. Feel free to visit this link, or our clinic in SoHo in person. Our staff would provide with you all the necessary information about the NAD+ IV therapy so that you can sit back and enjoy going back in youth in our spa-like clinic.

So, act today to stop your body and mind from aging. You can reserve a session from this website