What is the Difference between Face Serum and Moisturiser?


Serums and moisturisers are both beneficial to the skin, but each has a different focus. Depending on what support your skin needs, you may be able to get that from a serum, or you may need a moisturiser as well. Usually, serums are thinner and lighter, while moisturisers are thicker and creamier. Serums feature active ingredients that should get full and deep contact with your skin, so it’s best to apply a serum right after cleansing or toning, thenapply your moisturiser afterwards. A serum is not to be used in place of a moisturiser. Serums have specific functions such as anti-aging, brightening or anti-acne. Essentially, they put out spot fires in the skin. While moisturisers are great for overall hydration, specific skin requirements are best addressed by a quality serum. 

Is a Face Serum a Moisturiser?

A face serum can be moisturising, such as our Hydrating Serum, but that does not make it the same as a moisturiser. A moisturiser is a thicker substance that creates a barrier to keep all moisture in. An example is our Rehydrating Moisturiser, specifically created for dehydrated skin and featuring ingredients such as Collagen, Dermaxyl, Phytaluronate and apple extract for deep nourishing.

What Kinds of Moisturisers Are Available?

At Advanced Natural, we offer a range of different moisturisers that can be used to reinforce the specific task of the serum you’recurrently using. For example, we have a Skin Lightening Moisturiser that works to lighten pigmentation and avoid melanin production, keeping your skin light and bright. On the other hand, our skin repair moisturiser, the Calming and Repairing Cream, is perfect for skin with problems such as dryness, irritation, redness, eczema, dermatitis or allergies. We have these and just about everything in between when it comes to moisturisers in our online shop.

Face Serum Benefits

Advanced Natural has thebest face serum in Australiathat’s based on homeopathic remedies, is 100% natural and cruelty free, and is highly effective against the signs of aging. Here are some of the face serum benefits you might encounter while using some of our ingenious serums such as our Calming Serum or our Oxygenating and Regenerative Serum:

  • Target a specific skin symptom
  • Penetrate active ingredients deep into the skin
  • See real effects over time
  • Repair damaged cells
  • Maintain moisture
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Anti-ageing
  • Cell rejuvenation
  • Feel more youthful
  • Be more confident in your own skin

Shop for High-Quality Serums & Moisturisers at Advanced Natural

At Advanced Natural, we offer only the highest quality products that are cruelty free and 100% natural with plant based active ingredients. Ready to step up your self-care routine with the right skin repair moisturiser or skin lightening serum? Buy one of our serums or moisturisers today to experience the Advanced Natural difference. Shop serums and moisturises now or call us with any questions on (03)9553 0819.

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