Why you need to be careful while choosing nail polish?


First of all it is necessary to apply a transparent top coat nail polish base both to reinforce the nails and to avoid that unsightly stains on the nails remain. Shake the enamel to prevent lumps from forming and place your hand on a rigid base and keeping it open. Spread a first layer of enamel after it has dried and apply a second layer while taking care not to overdo the dose. But which color to choose that best suits your style and skin tone? You need to know that before purchasing any either.

  • Light colors mask the small nail defects
  • The bright pastel colors bring out the tan.
  • Dark colors highlight the shape of the nails and to be used only if there are no imperfections
  • Transparent glazes give a touch of elegance to the hands

To ensure that the color is more durable at the end apply a layer of transparent varnish. Short nails are good with enamel but it is important to choose the right colors. In fact it is necessary to dispel the myth according to which only the hands of women who wear long nails can capture the attention and seduce even the latter may not be good at all.

Vital point to remember always

The important thing is that they are well looked after and are never vulgar. If the life you lead between work and housework that forces you to keep them short then make sure that they are always well filed and forget forever the habit of biting them.Choose a regular shape and better if rounded. Another precaution before spreading the enamel is to pass a base which can prevent flaking, yellowing and breaking of the nails.Once this phase is over there will be the choice of the most suitable color. Here are the shades that are perfect for short nails.

Conclusion: Choose the colors

The basic rule is to prefer bright which tend to be clear and able to make the most of short nails unlike dark ones that make them smaller. To avoid however the pearly white that makes the fingers look stubby. If you really cannot resist colors like blue and gray then opt for the metallic or pearly variants.Ample space for all pastel and even fluorescent colors from fuchsia to bright violet, from yellow to orange and to mint or sour green. Red is a great classic which suits allthe nails undoubtedly. The red enamel has a better effect on the short rather than on the long one.The younger ones can also dare with a touch of nail art that naturally played around bright colors.

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