A Whistle-Stop Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring


So, you’ve decided to pop the question! Congratulations – and may you have a blissful married life. Exciting as proposing is, though, there is a lot to plan and think through. Starting, of course, with buying an engagement ring.

Where do you even start? How much should you spend? What kind of style, or gemstone, or precious metal? How on Earth can you be expected to make this huge decision in the dark?

Relax. You’ve got this. You will do your due diligence and find a ring your fiancé loves, starting with these tips.

  1. Cost

There are different schools of thought on how much an engagement ring should cost. Perhaps you’ve heard your fiancé-to-be express an opinion? In any case, the ballpark figure falls somewhere between one-three months’ salary. Ultimately, you should spend an amount that feels right to you, whether that is less or more.

Which brings me to…

  1. The four Cs

With diamonds, as with anything, you get what you pay for. The four Cs stand for Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat, and provide the system by which diamonds are valued. The more precise the cut, the clearer the color, the fewer the flaws, and the heavier the carat weight, the more valuable the diamond and the brighter it will shine.

And, naturally, the more you will have to shell out for that ring.

  1. Style

It’s all very well talking about cut and clarity. But what kinds of rings are to your partner’s taste? Is she ornate or minimalist? Classic or unique? What kind of metal does she favor: platinum or white/yellow/rose gold?

There are plenty of ways for you to figure out the perfect style. Try checking her everyday jewelry, for example, to see what kinds of styles she wears most. Maybe ask her friends and family, if they can keep a secret, or listen out for any hints she drops when talking about other women’s rings.

  1. Size

This is a quick and easy one, though it can seem the thorniest question. What if you get down on one knee, and then the ring doesn’t fit? Fear not – simply plan ahead to avoid this headache. Try taking one of her current rings to the jeweler for them to size, or if you’re feeling extra generous take her shopping for an every-day, decoy ring to get her measurement. Just make sure that you’re measuring the fourth finger!

  1. Jeweler

The last thing you want is to go to all this trouble and expense only to put your trust in the wrong jeweler. Make sure to shop somewhere that provides a third-party diamond certificate and has a solid reputation. For example, you can go to an award-winning company by considering these designer engagement rings from Whiteflash.

Whichever ring you decide on, make sure it is right for you. Just like choosing a fiancé: you’ll know when you know.

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