7 Essential Facts and Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring!


Most couples have a hard time selecting the perfect engagement ring ahead of the big wedding. If you are a man shopping for your girl, you have to be even more careful, because your choice has to match her style. By now, you have probably decided on a diamond ring, but how do you select one?

Follow these quick tips for help.

  • The 4 Cs. In case of diamonds, 4 Cs matter – cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Each of these elements determine the final price you pay, and depending on your budget, you can forgo one for another. Let’s now discuss each of these in detail.

  • The color of the diamond is graded in terms of alphabets from D to Z. A colourless diamond is graded D and is the most sought after. If you are low on budget, go for coloured ones, such as pink or yellow, which are quite sparkling to look at.
  • Most people believe that the cut of the diamond is related to its shape. Well, it is more about the way the stone is cut, so as to add to the brilliance of the gemstone. Keep it mind that the ultimate sparkle is all about the cut.
  • Diamonds typically have certain imperfections or inclusions, which define the clarity. These small inclusions are only visible under a microscope/magnifying glass but have a big impact on the price.
  • Finally, carat is the weight of the diamond. The norm is simple – higher the carat, higher the price. Keep in mind that all these four aspects eventually determine the cost of the diamond, so just because a stone weighs more doesn’t mean it’s the best one or is perfect.

  • The metal used for the gemstone also determines the price, and in case of engagement rings, the main choice is between gold and platinum. Yellow gold might seem traditional, but many couples are now opting for rose gold too.
  • Finally, be careful from where you get the diamond ring. If you visit Brisbane’s leading professional jewellers, you will realize that the staff members are more than willing to guide you with the options. You will have more information and designs available at disposal, which allows you to make a smart choice.

Before you visit a jeweller, please set a budget for your diamond ring, because some of the high-end engagement rings can cost a bomb, especially if you want the perfect diamond on it.

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