There are many decisions that need to be made for your wedding day. After all, it is the one day that you get to look your best and get married to the one person you intend on spending the rest of your life. Picking out the right dress, the color scheme for your decorations, the flowers to be used on your wedding day, and so many more decisions will be needed for your wedding day. Many times we forget to think about the physical location of the wedding, specifically the country you decide in getting married. This article is meant for people that intend on having a destination wedding and will provide ideas on how to match your style with your wedding location.

Destination weddings are becoming more popular each year. Couples are choosing to get married in a foreign country for the authenticity and cost saving factors that it brings. Plus, guests attending the wedding can have an extra bonus of exploring a new country and having fun after the wedding. All in all, destination weddings have more advantages than local weddings – especially for adventurous couples.

A few countries standout when taking a look at European countries for destination weddings. Some countries like France, Spain and Portugal have been popular destinations for many years. Many couples have been exploring different options for a more authentic experience in Europe. Denmark is a wonderful country to have a destination wedding that is both authentic and beautiful. Couples can expect to find lush and green landscapes during the summer months. If you are looking to combine dreamy and romantic landscapes into your wedding pictures, then make sure to plan on getting married in Denmark. This style can fit both traditional and modern wedding themes. Lastly, there is a lot of information regarding marriage in Denmark, and companies like Global Express Wedding provide plenty of information on how to get married in Denmark for foreigners. Make sure to do your research online before beginning to plan your wedding.

Moving into South America, there are many countries with rich history and culture. Columbia has become a popular destination wedding spot for the more adventurous type. Here you could either have an exotic beach wedding or a mountain side wedding with the local people and their traditions. If you are looking for a rustic style wedding amongst a modern town, then Columbia is will be the perfect fit for your wedding. Two of the most popular cities to get married in Columbia are Cartagena and Medellin, where both offer spectacular views and colors that can blend into your wedding theme. Plus, you can expect the weather to be just perfect in the winter months, which will be a great opportunity to get out of the cold. You could even consider having your honeymoon in Columbia after your wedding day. Just make sure to keep safety in mind whenever traveling around the country, as some parts of Columbia require a bit more caution.

Having a destination wedding can add an extra element of flare or uniqueness to your wedding, so before planning your special day make sure to check out all the possible locations.