Five Reasons why It can be a Good Decision to Shave your Head


You are noticing your hair is thinning. You can confirm this whenever you look at yourself in the mirror and when you feel the skin on your head. You can deal with thinning hair with some options. If the situation is not that serious, you can choose to let it ride for some time. You can consider hair loss treatments or surgeries.  Or perhaps shave your head? When you shave your head, make sure your shave it clean. You are not alone if this is your choice. Many of those who choose this option experience positive results.

Losing your hair is no fun. You will see the ravages of this condition and can be psychologically affected. But, in the age of celebrities showing off their bald head, there is no point feeling low if you choose to lose your hair totally, as in shaving your head. Does shaving make hair thicker? You’d wish it would but nope. The bald look can make you feel and look sexier, more powerful, and even manlier. Below are the positive reasons you should shave your head:

Conceal your Baldness

Male pattern baldness is one of the common reasons men lose their hair. When you shave your head, you don’t have to over-compensate for your male pattern baldness, including hair loss treatments and surgeries.

No More Wishful Thinking

As your gradual hair loss is getting into your nerves, you want to spend time in front of the mirror to try to make the best of what’s left on your head. But, shaving your head makes you forget the fuss. You don’t have to go through with this morning routine. You will certainly say goodbye to those bad hair days. Also, you don’t have to worry about daily upkeep.

Look Younger

Shaving your head can make you look younger suddenly. Meanwhile, keeping your hair hanging on for life can make you older than your age.

Feel Comfortable

If you stay in a warmer climate or is physically active, a clean, bald head will make you feel better than a full head of hair. Shaving your head for the summer can make you feel great and you can rock a good-looking hat for the winter months.

Feel Confident

Losing your hair can make you a little insecure. It can make you feel losing your virility and youthful manliness. But, accepting your hair loss by shaving your head clean can liberate you from this insecurity.

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