Confused About Selecting A Spa? Don’t Miss These Aspects!


Feeling grumpy and tired? Need to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body? Well, a spa massage is all you need! With increasing popularity of the wellness sector, more options have cropped up for customers, but that doesn’t mean you can select any random option. If you are new to spas, below are some of the aspects worth considering.

What does a spa offer?

Every spa & wellness center is different, and therefore, you need to check what’s on offer. Typically, you can expect a bunch of massages with add-on services. Some of the popular spa massages include Swedish massage, Thai massage, Balinese massage, Aromatherapy massage, and Deep Tissue Massage. For starters, a Swedish massage is the ideal choice, because it involves gentle massage, enough stretches, tapping and circular pressure motions. Deep tissue massages are more ideal for pain and stress. The meilleur spa Montreal will also offer a bunch of beauty treatments, besides couple packages.

Pay a visit

Eventually, a good massage is all about a good therapist. Make sure that the selected spa hires licensed massage therapists, who are experienced and trained for the job. The environment is also one of the many factors to consider, because the ambience makes a difference to the mind. Slow music, dim lighting, natural ventilation can make your session so much better. To check all of these, paying a visit might be a better idea. You can also request for discounts for comprehensive services for the entire family. The pricing is important, but if the experience is super good, you will not mind paying that extra price.

Before the actual session

Before the massage begins, you will be asked to fill a form, so that the therapist can find details related to your health history. Go for a spa treatment, when you are feeling absolutely better physically. Pregnant women and those with fever or infection should check with a doctor first. If you have pain or discomfort in any part of the body, do mention this to your therapist. You will be asked to change before the session, and if you feel uncomfortable getting massage from a therapist of the other gender, make that clear. During the session, talk to your therapist if you feel pain. Don’t shy away from communicating in between, if required.

After the spa, take a thermal or steam session for at least 15 minutes to take the experience to the next level.

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