Is It Possible to Reduce My Breast Implant Size?


Breast augmentation has been changing lives for decades but some women don’t end up being completely satisfied with their results or their preferences change later on in life.

The good news is that it is possible to change the size of your implants but there are a few things to consider first.

Reconsidering Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Before you consider a second breast surgery, decide whether you feel comfortable returning to your original surgeon. If you are unhappy with your results or you feel you were pressured into choosing a specific size, you may want to look around for a new surgeon.

Since you don’t want to have to do this a third time, find a surgeon who has extensive experience with breast implant replacement – not just augmentation.

Take the time to carefully check your surgeon’s credentials as well as before and after photos of replacement surgery.

You May Need to Choose Different Implants

Depending on when your original surgery was done, you may find that there are now more implant choices available to you. During your consultation in a top clinic such as Form & Face, your surgeon will help you decide on a new size, shape, profile and implant texture.

A Breast Lift May Be Required

Reducing the size of your implants means you may be left with some sagging after your surgery. This means that a breast lift will be necessary if you want to walk away with perky breasts.

Combining a breast lift with your augmentation means excess skin will be removed and the skin on the chest will be tightened too, ensuring your implants sit higher on your chest. Unfortunately, a breast lift does result in additional scarring, which is why many women tend to avoid replacement surgery. However, if you really want this change, any scarring will be well worth it.

During your consultation, your surgeon will thoroughly examine your breasts and decide whether a lift is necessary based on the new implant size you’re considering.

Don’t Jump the Gun

If you start questioning your decision quite soon after your surgery, know that this is completely normal. For several months after your surgery, your breasts will be swollen, which means they will appear slightly bigger and sit higher – this is not your final result. Your body needs time to adjust and you should give your implants time to settle before you decide that you’re unhappy with your results.

Over and above this, you won’t be able to undergo a second surgery too soon after your original procedure as your body needs to recover first. Experts recommend waiting six to seven months before you decide that you want revision surgery. It’s at the six-month mark that most of your swelling will have subsided.

If for any reason you can’t see yourself waiting six months before undergoing a second surgery, rather speak to your original or a new surgeon about your results so that they can provide you with some professional recommendations.

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