Huhu Insurance Q & A Before Purchasing

  1. Who can buy Tiger Insurance?

Tiger Insurance(Also known as Huhu Insurance) is an insurance plan for non-US citizens only. We provide a comprehensive insurance plan for international students (F1) studying in the United States, exchange scholars (J1) and parents (B1/B2) for short-term visits. Please check each insurance plan if you have special needs.

  1. Can I purchase Tiger Insurance ( Also known as 虎虎保险)during the OPT of F1?

Yes. Students who hold an EAD card during F1-OPT can purchase our OPT plan; if you have not received an EAD card yet, you can purchase our OPT plan if you apply for OPT.

  1. What is the age range for purchasing student insurance (also known as 留学生保险) ?

Students can purchase insurance at the age of 12-64.

  1. Can I buy insurance before I receive my J1 visa?

can. You can choose J1 to purchase an insurance plan based on your visa status. Select the effective date of the insurance based on your project time or time of arrival.

  1. If I am a US citizen, can I purchase Tiger Insurance?

If you hold a US passport, you hold a US passport but do not live in the United States or hold a US green card, the Tiger Insurance Plan does not apply to you.

 6. What benefits are included in Tiger Insurance?Tiger insurance includes major illnesses and injuries, vaccines, mental health and emergency dentistry and ophthalmology. Different insurances offer different coverage, and our website provides a PDF version of the Chinese and English policies that can be queried. 7. Which insurance plan F2/J2 visas can be purchased?F2/J2 can choose to purchase our insurance separately according to the status of the identity, or add a spouse to the F1/J1 insurance to purchase. 8. Can I pay monthly? How many payment methods are there?Tiger Insurance can be purchased monthly. We have several ways to buy credit cards and savings cards. 9. When does the insurance take effect?For our student insurance, it can take effect on the second day of your purchase. 10. Can I purchase the Tiger OPT Plan before the OPT effective date on the ead card?Yes. You can choose any of our OPT plans. 11. If I am during the CPT, how can I purchase Tiger Insurance?During the CPT period, it belongs to the F1 visa status. Please choose me to study or click F1 to purchase Tiger Insurance.

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