Magic mushrooms or shrooms are regarded as magical as research has proved that psilocybin leaves an optimistic impact on people’s mental health. There is also a huge possibility that magic mushrooms can help in treating headaches, substance misuse disorders, and PTSD. However, more studies are going on to prove the effectiveness of magic mushrooms for different health conditions. Shrooms are lots of fun, but before people begin to use these shrooms, they need to be aware of the limits and risks of taking them. It is also important to take them into highly comfortable and safe surroundings. Hence, people need to form a safety plan and ensure that someone in the group remains sober, as bad trips do not emerge as fun.

The processes of psilocybin usage

Shrooms have long and slender stems, and they appear greyish or white, topped by caps. Dried mushrooms commonly look reddish rust brown, and some isolated parts are off-white. People can ingest magic mushrooms orally or include them in their foods or tea. They can be used as dried or fresh products. People who long to buy magic mushrooms UK are aware that psilocybin has an unpalatable and bitter taste. Those who take it experience an unpleasant or bad trip. Commonly, dried mushrooms comprise nearly 0.2 per cent to 0.4 per cent psilocybin and some traceable amounts of psilocin.

The ideal dosages

The common dosage of psilocybin that is utilized for recreational purposes does vary, and a user experiences its peak effects within one or a couple of hours. And the effects last for nearly 6 hours. However, the effects and dosages of shrooms vary largely based on the type of mushroom a person has taken, the tolerance level of the person, and the preparation process. Hence, it becomes tough to determine the precise mushroom species or the amount of hallucinogen each mushroom comprises. If a person wants to utilize psilocybin for recreational purposes, then he must use smaller dosages and a long time. This will help him determine its effects.

The medical uses

Though many rituals needed the usage of psilocybin for decades, recently, modern medicine reported its usage for clinical studies too. Studies have been done to assess the usage of shrooms for fear and anxiety in people suffering from terminal cancer, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), severe depression, smoking cessation, and obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. A report detailed a couple of small studies that studied the component psilocybin present in magic mushrooms and concluded that they could reverse feelings of existential distress. Most often, patients come across this feeling after they are treated for cancer.

In this condition, common treatment methods like using antidepressants do not emerge as highly effective. But a single dosage of synthetic psilocybin could reverse the distress of patients. The notable thing is this turned into a long-term effect. In a study done at NYU, twenty-nine patients suffering from advanced cancer were provided with a single dosage of psilocybin with psychotherapy. After seven weeks, these patients switched treatments. Patients who received psilocybin got relief from distress, and the effects lasted over six months. This shows that people get a sufficient reason to buy magic mushrooms UK.