Hair removal? No problem, just cream it away


Veet has the best hair removal cream in India today. It removes hair in a jiffy, leaving the skin smooth and nourished.

Browsing through fashion magazines or watching celebrities working the red carpet, you are amazed at how flawless and radiant the women’s skins are. There is not a hair or blemish in sight, and their skin is super smooth and glowing despite hours spent at award shows and other dos. You console yourself that you would also look this pretty if you had a battalion of stylists, makeup artistes, hair stylists and assistants tending to your skin, hair and clothes.

But looking good begins with having perfect skin, and perfect skin begins with zero visible hair on the limbs, underarms and bikini line. There are many methods of hair removal you can use, but try using the best hair removal cream and you will never want to try anything else.

What is a hair removal cream?

As the name suggests, a hair removal cream helps in ridding the skin of the unwanted hair. It is a form of depilation in which the cream is applied to the skin directly, allowed to sit for a few minutes, and then sponged or wiped off with a damp flannel.

The best hair removal creams, like the ones from Veet, not only remove hair but also nourish the skin while they work. Just apply the cream on clean skin and leave it on for about three to five minutes as directed. In the interim, you will notice that the texture of the hair begins to change – it becomes spongy and wavy. Soon, you can wipe off the cream with a damp flannel – the hair comes away easily and painlessly.

But where other hair removal creams leave the skin dry and reddish, Veet hair removal cream does the job of hair removal quickly and without any side effects – you will be left with silky soft skin that glows with health. Veet creams are the best hair removal creams in their category because they contain skin-friendly moisturising and toning ingredients that hydrate the skin as they work. Veet also has a separate variant for sensitive skin.

But practice certain precautions first…

  • Do not apply the hair removal cream on the face, shoulders or back unless explicitly indicated for use on the pack.
  • Conduct a patch test if you have never used the cream before. Apply the cream on a small area of skin 24 hours before you intend to depilate. If the skin suffers no adverse reactions a day later, the cream is safe to use.
  • Make sure the skin is clean and exfoliated before you apply the cream so that hair removal is faster and deeper.
  • Do not apply the hair removal cream on cut or broken skin, or skin that has acne, boils or rashes.
  • Also choose the best hair removal cream that suits your skin type.

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