Weekend Spa With Your Spouse: Everything You Need To Know!


Trying to surprise your partner or spouse? Instead of buying something, how about booking a long day at the spa, where you both can relax, enjoy and rejuvenate? Spas & wellness centers offer the exact ambience that you need for a calm day away from the busy life, and there are a wide range of services, treatments and options to consider. In this post, we are discussing more on how to plan a family weekend spa.

Consider the basic body treatments

When we think of spas, we automatically think of massages. However, wellness is more than just a massage. Since we are talking about spending an entire day, a good idea is to start with a body scrub. Body scrubs involves using a scrub, which typically is a salt-based one with some essential oils, for deep exfoliations. You may get a light massage as the therapist works on your body. Before the body scrub, you will be asked to change of course.

Once you are done with the body scrub, you will have to clean up. If the spa has wet beds, the therapist will use a hand shower, or else, you will be asked to take a shower. As a couple, you can do it together.

Next, you can go for a body wrap, which involves using a product all over the body. The therapist will use light strokes to apply the wrap, and you can simply lie on your massage bed with your spouse in the same room.

Explore the massages

Swedish massage is the most common type of spa massage, and you can consider this as the basic option over everything else. If you or your partner needs more pain relief and extra pressure on the muscles, deep tissue massage is a great choice. For a new and uncommon massage, go for hot stone therapy, which involves using hot stones with a massage that’s calming and soothing.

Thermal experience

Some spas do offer the choice of thermal experience, which involves one session of hot sauna/hot tub followed by a dip in ice-cold water. For a couple, this could mean a perfect way to spend the day, because thermal spa can take as long as 4 hours, and you can combine this with a massage session, as well.

Check in advance for ready packages and review the services to find the best one that works for both of you!

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