A complete guide about pink diamond engagement rings


The colour pink is gaining popularity in the fashion world, and many eyes are turning toward the pink diamond. Besides their popularity, pink diamonds are the priciest and rarest of all coloured diamonds. White diamonds are the classic choice when it comes to engagement rings. Even though they are beautiful and timeless white diamonds are not exactly unique. A pink diamond engagement ring is the way to go for those who want something that stands out. Here is a complete guide about the pink diamond engagement ring that you need to know about.

Pink diamond

Pink diamonds stand out as a prestigious and pricey stone among the range of coloured diamonds. A pink diamond is elegant, undeniably romantic, feminine and certainly worth the investment. The colour of a pink diamond can range from pale pink to pale red, and the colour is caused by a process called plastic deformation.

Pink diamonds vs white diamonds

The colour is the most obvious difference between pink and white diamonds, but apart from that, they are quite similar, with the biggest difference being that pink diamonds are more rare and expensive. Than white diamonds, pink diamonds are 20 times more expensive due to their rarity and limited supply. Like white diamonds, pink diamonds are also evaluated on colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. These are simply known as 4Cs. However, unlike white diamonds, pink diamonds are graded on a colour scale of 1-9, where one is the darkest and nine being the lightest.

How do the 4Cs impact pink diamonds?

The 4Cs are nothing but the colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. These 4Cs are the important features you need to look for in the pink diamonds. You have to pull back on your size and clarity requirements for deeply saturated colour, or if you are looking for a stone-free of visible inclusion, you need to tweak your colour and carat weight preferences.

Are pink diamonds available in large carat weights?

Normally pink diamonds come in primarily low carat weight, so it isn’t easy to find the pink diamond in large carat weights. It will also require a more significant budget for a larger stone.

Pink diamond intensity levels

Based on the intensity and strength of colour, the shade of a pink diamond is graded. It can have a secondary colour or overtone like purple, brown or orange. The GIA grades of pink diamonds are very light, faint, light, fancy, fancy light, fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy dark or deep.

How to care for your pink diamond

You need to take care of your pink diamond in the same way you do it for other diamonds. You should keep it clean with a jewellery cleaner or little soap and warm water. To ensure the durability of the diamond, you have to choose a well-made setting. Even though pink diamonds are durable, you need to avoid wearing them on doing rough work.

Wrapping up

Pink diamond engagement rings are available in various shades, so you have plenty of options to select from. While buying the ring, look for the carat weight, colour combination etc.

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