Common causes and treatment of Facial pain


Facial pain can be caused due to anything from infection to damage to trigeminal nerve. Severe facial pain may be due to oral or dental infection, mouth ulcer, sore or abscess formation in mouth, skin abscess and facial injury. It can occur due to Migraine, Sinusitis, Temporal-mendibular Joint disorder, Salivary Gland infection, Trigeminal neuralgia and viral infection by Herpes zoster.

Apart from oral treatment, neurosurgeons perform various surgeries like Micro-vascular decompression to remove or relocate blood vessel causing malfunctioning of trigeminal nerve. Surgical facial pain treatment includes Brain Stereotactic Radio-Surgery for radiation to root of trigeminal nerve and Radio-Frequency Thermal Lesioning to selectively destroy nerve fibers associated with pain. Specialist Pain International clinic, Singapore has impeccable infrastructures and clinicians for perfect facial pain treatment.

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