Getting Workout Gear Right – And Why It Matters


The wrong workout clothes can disturb your movement and impact your results. We tell you how to get it right.

Working out regularly has tremendous benefits for the body. As you exercise, your body sheds extra fat cells and begins to lose the excess weight. Your body begins to get trimmer and more agile. Meanwhile, there are the added advantages of developing resistance to minor illnesses, better skin and hair health, and better functioning of the major organs in the body.

But all your effort can come to nought if you wear the wrong workout gear. We set you right on this front.

* Pick light Dri-Fit clothing.

As much as you like cotton T-shirts and track bottoms, they should be avoided if you’re about to do high intensity cardio training in the gym or if you are planning to run outdoors. Cardio activities like running, cycling and brisk walking work up tremendous sweat, and cotton clothing certainly absorbs it quickly but does not dry up fast. As a result, the clothing remains damp next to the skin as fresh waves of sweat hit it repeatedly. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can start to smell a little bad, too. So when buying workout clothing, pick clothes with Dri-Fit technology that wick sweat away from the skin and dry rapidly as you exercise. Nike India has a fabulous range of workout clothing for both men and women.

* Choose the right underwear.

What’s wrong with the underwear I have on, you might ask. Ordinarily, it’s no problem but certain kinds of underwear can become uncomfortable while exercising. Loose cotton underwear can begin to bunch and ride up, hampering your movements. Even something as unassuming as boy shorts can ride up after a while. You can wear bike shorts under your track pants or leggings. Though it seems uncomfortable at first, women can try thong underwear at the gym – it has the added advantage of not showing VPL (Visible Panty Lines).

* Tight, clingy clothing is a straight ‘No’.

Moving on from the subject of uncomfortable underwear, let’s talk about tight gym clothes per se. You might have seen ads of gorgeous, toned bodies sporting body hugging workout tees or tube tops. You might be tempted to try them, too – but don’t. Tight clothing constricts the muscles and hampers blood circulation. As a rule of thumb, your workout clothing must leave at least half an inch of space between the fabric and your skin when you insert a finger between them. Of course, this rule does not apply to clothes like leggings and bike shorts, which are supposed to cling to the skin. Check out Nike India’s range of workout and running tees, shorts, track pants and leggings.

* Get the right shoes.

Even more important than the clothes and accessories you wear, are the shoes you pick for your exercise. There are different kinds of shoes basis the activity they are meant for. Browse through Nike India’s range of walking, running and aerobic sport shoes to get the maximum impact from your exercise. The shoes must fit snugly – too tight, and they will pinch your feet, too loose and your feet will slide around in them. Also, the shoes must provide adequate arch and heel support, and have rough texture laces that won’t come undone while you exercise.

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