Recovering from a Lip Lift – 4 Helpful Tips


Lip fillers have been popular for years but the lip lift has fast become the preferred option for many because of the dramatic results it offers.

Full, luscious lips are beautiful and feminine and while fillers and injections can help you achieve your desired lip look, they do require a long-term commitment because the results are impermanent.

Lip fillers are still a great way to enhance your lips but the results of a lip lift last a lot longer and help you address additional signs of ageing.

The central lip lift is the most common procedure and is performed under local anaesthetic. To complete the procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision just underneath your nose in order to get rid of any excess skin and will lift the upper lip to create more volume.

Another type of lip lift corrects the downturned corners of the mouth and involves making small incisions on either side of the lips to reshape the mouth.

The average lip lift takes anywhere from one to two hours to complete and patients will need about 10 days to recover.

4 Helpful Lip Lift Recovery Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you have a smoother recovery after your lip lift at Dr Zurek plastic surgery in Kogarah Sydney.

Skip the Smoking. Unfortunately, if you are a smoker, now would be a good time to give the cigarettes a break. Besides the fact that smoking is harmful to your overall health, it plays a leading role in speeding up the ageing process. If you had to continue smoking during your recovery, it would completely contradict your reasons for wanting the surgery in the first place. In general, smoking will also just slow down your recovery.

A little homework goes a long way. One of the best ways to ensure a smooth recovery is to choose the right surgeon in the first place. Along with doing your own homework, speak to family and friends who may be able to give you a trustworthy recommendation.

Have realistic expectations. Realistic expectations are a must for anyone considering surgery. Speak to your surgeon about what you expect from your lip lift so that s/he can give you a better idea of the results you can expect afterwards. Going into your surgery with realistic expectations will make your recovery feel a lot less stressful.

Follow your surgeon’s instructions. After your surgery, your surgeon will provide you with a set of instructions that you should follow as closely possible. For example, you will need to limit the movement of your mouth, which includes not eating anything that might stretch your mouth. Basically, you don’t want to strain your lips in any way that might alter their shape – not until they’re completely healed anyway. It’s also important to take any medication that your surgeon may have prescribed as this will keep any pain and discomfort at bay.

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